The LA Times discovers kopi luwak

My friend Toby writes to ask if I’ve tried kopi luwak, the novelty coffee made from cherries digested by civet cats. The coffee was recently featured in the LA Times, resulting in the usual wave of interest.

I haven’t tried it, mainly because there’s a lot of fraudulent beans sold as kopi luwak and because I don’t even know if the real stuff is sold freshly roasted. That and the fact that I don’t have $600 lying around in my coffee budget. Even so, I would drink it if I had the chance.

I’m more interested in the Jacu bird coffee, which I’ve learned via James Hoffman is being sold green at Sweet Maria’s. You’ve got to love a coffee whose grade is “avian selected.” I’m not sure if they have it in stock right now, but if I can get my hands on some I’d love to try it out on my friend Courtney’s roaster. Assuming she’ll let me back in her house after last year’s “incident,” that is.

Update 12/16: Mags in San Francisco offers a fitting limerick.

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4 thoughts on “The LA Times discovers kopi luwak”

  1. The wonders of public shaming, I would expect nothing less from you Jake.

    Of course you can come back, provided you read the directions and sober up before roasting. David, on the other hand, I am not so sure…

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