Big Bear opens in Bloomingdale

Last weekend I went to check out the new DC coffee shop, Bloomingdale’s Big Bear Cafe (no relation to the mysterious Berlin bear!). Furthering Counter Culture Coffee’s domination of the Atlantic seaboard, the Bear serves up the popular roaster’s coffee and ‘spro. Not that I’m complaining — DC still has need for many more good cafes, and CCC offers the best combination of quality, service, and training of anyone in the area.

Big Bear is a bit of a trek from Arlington, requiring a Metro line switch and a ten minute walk from the station to get there. There aren’t many other businesses around, but the owners of the shop have organized a Sunday farmers market to build the community. Though small, the combination of fresh raspberries, live music, and good coffee makes it a worthwhile trip.

The shop has only been open a month and is still getting its legs. They were clearly a little stressed by the long line last weekend, but my cappuccino still came out nice and creamy and reasonably quickly. This will be a place to watch and a welcome addition to the DC coffee scene.

Pros: Good coffee, cool atmosphere, nice people, farmers market on Sundays.

Cons: Not much else around it yet, can be hard to get to, seems like it could be really hot in the DC summer if the breeze isn’t blowing.

Location: 1700 1st St. NW.

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4 thoughts on “Big Bear opens in Bloomingdale”

  1. How’s the coffee in Dallas? Bet you’d go for some Toscano right now…

    But yeah, it’s too bad two of the shops that were supposed to be using Intelly kept running into problems trying to open.

  2. Damn, boy, why’s you gots to bring up my coffee situation? I’m speaking in universals here!

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