The popsicle loophole

Over at Reason’s Hit and Run, Radley notes that Rustico, a fantastic beer lover’s restaurant in Alexandria, has gotten into trouble for serving framboise lambic (raspberry ale) popsicles. The owner left a bottle of framboise in the freezer and accidentally discovered a tasty treat, which he soon decided to offer customers.

Enter the government. The Virginia ABC says that all beer must be served in its original container or poured immediately into a glass. The agency is sending an official over to investigate. The owner, meanwhile, is trying to work with them to get approval for his product idea.

So far, the usual government meddling. But do I detect a silver lining? By the ABC’s logic, a popsicle stick isn’t a container. Therefore a beer-sicle doesn’t violate open container laws. Want to carry a drink down the street in Northern Virginia? Just freeze it first at home.

“What’s that officer? Open container law? I don’t see any containers here!”

Update 6/25/07: Matt, the lucky and intrepid EatFoo blogger now working at Rustico, gives an insider’s perspective.


2 thoughts on “The popsicle loophole”

  1. Yes, it is a lucky time for me to be at Rustico, what with all this national press coming in over an idea so simple as the hopsicle. I am also blessed that I know the recipe, which is a MAJOR search term that leads to me site apparently, but alas, there is no way I am letting that slide! 🙂

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