3 thoughts on “What do Danny DeVito and I have in common?”

  1. I do a similar 80-day process myself. Main difference from your is that your part 1 and 2 both sit for 40 days in my version. I also use one bottle of Ketel and one of 151 Everclear (damn stupid Chicago laws) so that i can keep it in the freezer. Finally, I use coffee filters to separate ~100% of the particulate.

  2. I might try the coffee filter idea. Sediment doesn’t bother me, but it would look better without it.

    Do you use 80 proof vodka? I use 100 proof and it does fine in the freezer.

  3. I use 80 proof, but I think I use more of the simple syrup than you (4 cups sugar). I haven’t measured out a consistent syrup volume yet though. My batch yield is closer to 3 bottles. I also add in some fresh lemon juice to top each bottle off, but that’s more for personal taste.

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