The new job

If I ever lose my mind and decide to work at Starbucks, someone please remind me of this ponderous complaint letter sent by an irate customer who couldn’t get his venti soy iced mocha for a couple of weeks. One day of these people and I’d be scrambling back to indie shops faster than Starbucks can pull a double ristretto.

Not that Starbucks is an option anyway. As mentioned last week, I’m starting a new job. As of today I’m working in the media relations department at the Cato Institute. There are very few places in DC that could lure me away from working primarily in the service industry, but my favorite think tank is one of them. And while I’ll admit to some trepidation about wearing a suit and working 9-5:30 in an office every day, I’m glad to be back on the grounds of my old internship and working to promote the ideas of liberty.

Of course, the opinions expressed on this weblog should not in any way be construed to represent the views of Cato. (In like fashion, the coffee served at Cato should not in any way be construed to be approved by me!) This is a strictly personal blog and neither here nor during my day job do I speak on behalf of the institute.

(I hate to stress the disclaimer so much but since I frequently link to the institute’s materials I feel it necessary to disclose that I’m an employee now. I’d rather do that than ignore the association, which between Google and a variety of social networking sites wouldn’t stay hidden anyway.)

This marks a major change in the way I work, but I’m not completely giving up on my newfound interest in mixology. Coffee and cocktails will take a backseat for a while but I still plan on picking up a tamper or shaker on occasion. These are pursuits I’m not leaving behind just yet, especially after being exposed to such incredible espresso and freshly made drinks all weekend in San Francisco — perhaps more on that soon. In the meantime I’ve got too much to catch up to keep blogging tonight. Cheers, everybody.


7 thoughts on “The new job”

  1. congrats on the job–as you well know, Cato is a nice place to work, but the coffee is kinda terrible, last I remember.

    Also, re: that complaint letter–what a couple of wieners. And seriously, going to Starbucks twice a day, three times on weekends? How is that any more acceptable than hitting up McDonald’s three times a day? Oh, these people.

  2. Congratulations on your “real job” Jake, if you’re ready to move back in together and do magic let me know…

  3. Thanks! I’m actually so pumped about cocktails after my weekend in SF that I’m not giving up my bar job. Well, that and the fact that my new lease practically requires that I bring in some extra dough. I’m sticking with one night a week behind the bar for the foreseeable future and looking forward to more drink experimentation.

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