To do in SF

I’m traveling to San Francisco this weekend for one last outing before I start having limited vacation days. Vacation days? Yep, that means I’ve got a new job. A “real job,” as some would say. We’ll talk about that next week.

In the meantime I could use some suggestions for places to visit while I’m in town. I have a few in mind and a few I want return to from my 2005 trip, but still a lot of time left to explore. Any tips?

Regular blogging will resume next week, perhaps a bit sooner depending on how many coffee shop hours I put in this weekend.


2 thoughts on “To do in SF”

  1. Sunday Berkeley experience:

    There is brunch at the Thai Temple. It is awesome! You could start your Sunday there, then go to the Scharffen Berger chocolate factory for a tour. Then head over to Takara Sake Factory for their free tasting room and sake museum. After milling about in Berkeley for a while, head to Chez Panisse for a dinner at their cafe (but make a reservation first–and make it ASAP–it’s probably already too late for this trip, but you never know).

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