Ron Paul redux (Go Ron!)

Attentive Ben Affleck is attentive.

After a rocky rhetorical start to his campaign, Ron Paul has really put his talking points in order and hit his stride in this appearance on the Bill Maher show. (Compare his first appearance, in which Maher attacked Paul’s more esoteric positions at the expense of relevant issues.)

If he keeps this up, I could face a dilemma about who to throw my vote to come election day: the LP candidate or a write-in for Ron Paul?


3 thoughts on “Ron Paul redux (Go Ron!)”

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  2. Ron Paul = Great Depression Part II

    Current mood: annoyed

    Take a look into the great depression without your rose colored glasses but with your spectacles for a momment.

    What happened?

    What happened was the Federal Reserve didn’t take action.

    It was another test from the United States government to see what would happen to the United States Economy if it ceased to be enforced.

    Well, banks lost a lot of money, the stock market crashed, and every economy globally.

    Returning to the gold standard is a BIG RISK!!!

    Yes we may see the value of the dollar rise, but this takes a lot of time.

    Knowing the greed in this country from a lower-middle class point of view, that time is deadly!

    Demand would fall due to fluxions and employment alternatives would fall sharply.

    This would be a repression because only the select few that understand the economy like the back of their hand will run the economy!

    This great oppression would trigger the uprise globally to either communism or a revolutionary dictatorship of the proletariat!

    But again, although dictatorship of proletariat sounds enticing…the greed in this country makes it a dreamers false promise!

    The time it would take to transform this system would be a risk I would never as a business person ever take if I was President of the United States.

    I believe that pebble by pebble, an economy is grown through actual speculation of individual business and government transactions, NOT through major changes and big risks!

    Ron Paul is the work of a sophisticated gambler and I would not risk voting for this man.

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