Damn you, ethanol!

If ethanol subsidies haven’t made you mad already, perhaps this will: the resulting spike in corn prices is causing agave farmers to pull up their plants and replace them with corn. You know what that means? Less tequila!

Of course, less tequila leads to less drinking, which leads to more driving, which leads to more emissions, and thus a net loss for the environment. Ok, well, maybe not. But I do have a more serious post up today about the folly of ethanol subsidies at A Better Earth. I apologize in advance for the terrible pun in the title.

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[Via Saving the World, One Drink at a Time]


1 thought on “Damn you, ethanol!”

  1. Incidentally, the high price of corn has forced many Mexican tortilla vendors to raise their prices, preventing a lot of poor Mexicans from buying their tortillas – I think there was a WaPo article on this a while back.

    A lot of solar panel installations are on off-grid houses – probably solar’s biggest market outside CA is the people who want to raise a solar-powered middle finger to The Man. So the Amish thing doesn’t surprise me that much. I wonder if the Amish take good care of their batteries…

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