Another strike on Bama’s bars

So far Alabamans haven’t been able to free its hops and drink beer that’s over 6% abv, and now to add insult to injury legislators are proposing a statewide smoking ban.

Sorry, Tom. But at least the music’s good there, right?

[Edited for grammar. Thanks, Jeff.]


5 thoughts on “Another strike on Bama’s bars”

  1. Extra apostrophe alert!

    It’s = contraction for “it is”
    Its = possessive
    Alabama = foolish. (We here in NC just got rid of that law about two years ago.)

  2. Yup; the music’s good, but I’m wondering if we’ll have any place left worth patronizing to listen to it. I’m exaggerating a bit, but wow, who’d have thought that Bama would buy into the nannies’ bogus bans…

  3. The whole post is a grammatical nightmare. Some copyediting, for both style and content, is needed:

    So far, Alabama residents haven’t been able to free their hops or drink beer that’s over 6% abv. At least now they won’t die as frequently from secondhand-smoke-induced lung cancer.

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