Lunch at Brasserie Beck

Moules fritesSomeday I’d love to go to Belgium, bike around, drink lots of beer, and eat way too much moules frites. In the meantime, the new Brasserie Beck is a cheaper, but still delicious, substitute.

This new French and Belgian restaurant opened a few weeks ago and I was finally able to drop in for lunch with a few friends today. The restaurant is upscale casual, warm, and inviting. Fresh seafood and a row of beer taps entice on the way in, two of the great draws of the Brasserie.

The wine list is a single piece of paper. The beer list is six or seven pages, leather bound, of mostly Belgians on tap and in the bottle. This place has it’s priorities straight!

Our group ordered the traditional mussels and fries, served with three kinds of mayo (plain, with ketchup, and curry). We opted for the delicious, slightly spicy fennel and chorizo sauce. It’s all very fresh and tasty. After sopping up the sauce with the fresh baguettes it’s also surprisingly filling for less than twenty bucks.

Also notable: The restaurant is wi-fi friendly.

Brasserie Beck is located at 11th and K, two blocks from the Cato Institute. To sum up: great beer, great food, free wi-fi, and close to my favorite think tank. I dig it.

[Photo from the Flickr stream of synaethesia.]


3 thoughts on “Lunch at Brasserie Beck”

  1. You have described heaven, sir. But how expensive is it?

    And I’m assuming, if you appreciate long-ass beer lists, that you’ve been to the Brickskeller…

  2. Oh yeah, Brickskeller’s got a great list, but they run out of stuff a lot. Birreria Paradiso in Georgetown and Rustico in Alexandria are my go to beer places these days. Not quite as many beers, but they keep their stocks up and have some tasty tasty food.

  3. Oh, forgot to mention the price. Mussels are $16 or $17, definitely enough for two. Beer starts around 5 or 6. Not bad for two people. Ordering separate entrees would drive up the cost.

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