A peek at daytime culture

I really enjoyed this article from the SF Gate about a reporter who wanders around town asking all the people hanging out in parks and coffee shops during the workday what they’re doing. Having spent the last three years working on and off in restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, I’m a part of that culture, but I still often wonder: who are these people?

The sentiment I most agree with among the interviewees is the wonder at how people with 9-5 jobs manage to get their errands done. If I ever go back to a typical work schedule, one of the perks I’ll miss most is the ability to get stuff done while everyone else is at work, stores are empty, and traffic is light.


1 thought on “A peek at daytime culture”

  1. I just started a 9-5, and I am having a hell of a time already. For instance, how does one get packages? How does one dry clean the clothes that one must wear to the 9-5? So many problems.

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