The real reason to tip baristas

Spotted at J-J’s Market and Cafe in Nashville:


FACT: Tippers are at least 2x as likely to get to ride a Dinosaur in their lifetime than non-tippers.

Tipping… maybe the best thing ever?


  1. Barzelay says:

    So in this case, you’re tipping not for the coffee, but for the humor. Perhaps this humor pervades into other facets of service?

  2. Jacob Grier says:

    No, you’re tipping so you get to ride a dinosaur, silly!

  3. cassandra says:

    i want to ride a dinosaur! do i have to tip this guy specifically or can i tip just anyone?

  4. Toby says:

    Does this correlation hold only for tipping at JJ’s?

  5. Jacob Grier says:

    Yeah, only at J-J’s. Sorry guys.

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