Nashville police always get their man

Or somebody’s man. Or a man, anyway.

I’m off to Nashville this weekend to toss the Aerobie, hang out, and feel awkwardly old at Rites of Spring, Vanderbilt’s annual outdoor music festival. I’ll probably put in some coffee and wi-fi time while I’m there, but this may break my streak of daily posting. Barring false arrest, I’ll be back on Monday.


  1. Mike says:

    Drive-by Truckers should be fun, and I’ve seen Wolfmother live before and they’re good. You’ll love the singer’s hair.

    Incidentally, who do you even still know in Nashville?

  2. Jeff says:

    Wait, Drive-By Truckers are with Wolfmother at Rites this year? um… can I go?

  3. Jacob Grier says:

    Eric, Chad, and Julian came into town too. Lori, Brad, and Tim are all still here, along with the Torch annual bbq on Sunday.

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