Aikido demo tomorrow

Going to the Cherry Blossom Festival tomorrow? The weather forecast predicts a 40% chance of snow and a high of 45 degrees. If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, take comfort in the fact that I’ll be enjoying the wintry spring weather barefoot and in a robe, taking part in a 30 minute aikido demonstration.

I joined the Aikido of Arlington dojo late last fall when I was looking for a martial art to study. I wanted something that fell between the impracticality of my previous experience in fencing and the rolling on the floor with sweaty dudes common to some of today’s trendier martial arts. Aikido fits the bill perfectly with its focus on weapons training and using pins and throws to blend with and disable attackers.

I’m still very much a beginner so my role will be limited to a few basic moves, but the demo continues with the advanced students showcasing more interesting moves and weapons work. Weather permitting, we’ll be in front of the Jefferson Memorial from 12:45 to 1:15 if you want to drop by and watch us flip around in the snow.


5 thoughts on “Aikido demo tomorrow”

  1. I’ve been debating getting back into martial arts myself. My experience with Tae Kwon Do was that it helped flexibility but not so much fighting technique. It was very form-based, which was cool but not very practical. Sounds like Aikido is more in line with what I would be looking for. Maybe next time I come to D.C. we’ll have a knock down drag out fight. You’re going down Grier! You’re going down!

  2. No way I’m going hand to hand with you. If you’re in town I’m breaking out the swords!

    Aikido is very form-based too. It might be more practical than tae kwon do once you’ve learned a lot of the techniques, but it’s also purely defensive and has a steep learning curve.

    For pure ass kickery, it seems like Krav Maga or Brazilian Jiu-jitsu might be a better bet in terms of quick application and practicality. That said, aikido is fun, challenging, and (with practice) useful for self-defense.

    BTW, we did the demo today in forty degree weather with flurries of snow. It went well but my feet were frozen by the end of it.

  3. Re: cold weather

    I had been working non-stop on a paper for days and days, and basically hadn’t been out of the house. So the last time I was outside it was like 75 degrees. Then this morning I looked out the window and there was snow on the ground, and it took my mind several seconds to make sense of it. “But I thought it was hot out?”

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