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Looking to buy miracle fruit? Our provider’s contact info is here.

Update 4/28/08: Miracle fruit on the BBC today! Details here. Miracle fruit seller Curt Mozie how has a website, I recommend contacting him if you want to try the fruit.

Update 7/8/08: I’ve now also tried miracle fruit tablets and reviewed them here.


  1. MiracleUK says:

    For those in the UK, I am currently selling miracle fruit for the best price.

  2. Bleak247 says:

    These fruits are on back order everywhere.

  3. AcoTech says:

    We sell the latest evolution of the Miracle Fruit.

    Lasts longer than 12months, not days like fresh fruit and a few months like granules…

    miracle fruit tablets

  4. Betterwoot says:

    Curtis usually over charges. In the beggining i ordered from him but now Miracle Fruit all the way

  5. ladykingel says:

    I am an authorized retailer of Miracle Fruit Frooties and have product available to order Shipping is FREE for the lower 48 states.

  6. Darrenjohnson9 says:

    I Just picked up a plant from

    Its to expensive buying berries all the time and the miracle fruit tablets i found were not as good as the berries, not to mention its makes more sense to keep yielding berries on a monthly basis. I look forward to trying out many recipes with this wonderful berry!

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  1. The Agitator says:

    More Miracle Fruit

    My friend Jacob Grier hosted another Miracle Fruit party a few weeks ago. A Wall Street Journal reporter was there,…

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