Do you feel a draft?

The Guardian reports that the Pentagon in seeking volunteers to fill long vacant seats on local draft boards. A recruitment ad, which I cannot find, appeared on the military website Defend America.

I hope I was wrong, but my first published editorial in the premier issue of The Torch expressed the fear that a new draft could be a consequence of 9/11. This is a sign that someone in the DoD is considering this option, and there’s at least one congressman who has done the same.

So now, a question about the right libertarian response: do we protest, or do we strike pre-emptively and fill the draft boards ourselves?


4 thoughts on “Do you feel a draft?”

  1. I’ll tell you what you DON’T do, dammit. You DON’T vote for Bush in 2004, and you DON’T vote for libertarians. You vote for a Democrat, because for the first time in our young lives we’re suddenly faced with the possibility that our government is going to draft us into an unjust war.

    It’s time for libertarians to stop focusing so much on the economic side of your ideaology and pay a little more attention to the civil liberties side. While you’ve been nodding your head smugly over Bush’s handouts to corporate America, they’ve smuggled in the Patriot Act and soon the draft.

  2. Aww, crap. Looks like I’ll have to get my MBA now. Think I can get a government loan to avoid the draft?

  3. Zhubin, there’s nothing libertarian about corporate handouts. There are actually quite a few libertarians thinking Dean in ’04; not sure I can bring myself to do that.

    voted Harry Browne in 2000

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