Bad timing

Add this to my list of disappointments with Hostexcellence, the cheap but unreliable hosting service I’ve put up with for the past 8 months: going offline for several hours on the same morning I get linked on the most popular weblog in the world.

That’s just not cool, man.

To add insult to injury, the reason they had to go offline is because they screwed up their own power upgrade. The same upgrade that they had to go offline for three hours to perform last weekend. Idiots.

So now I’m switching hosts yet again. Right now I’m leaning toward Dreamhost. Any other suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Bad timing”

  1. Dreamhost has been what I’ve used for years and years, and I’ve been really pleased with them. If you like, use promo code “SWGRP07” and you won’t pay any setup fee (technically, it gives you $50 and a referral bonus to me as well). Or not, but either way, I highly highly highly recommend Dreamhost.

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