Me in the future

While we’re on the subject of sexism and coffee, this old Folgers ad is worth a link. Feministing aptly describes it as ” your daily cup of vintage patriarchy.”

Antiquated as the commercial is, I do sympathize with the husband in it. Just ask the baristas I put through training. When I’m married, I’m going to be just like that guy, always complaining about my wife’s coffee making skills. “Honey, you know I like you to dose with at least 18 grams, and I think your grind is set a little bit coarse. And please don’t forget to purge the steam wand next time, ok?”

Thus the honeymoon will end.


5 thoughts on “Me in the future”

  1. I wrote “some total” instead of “sum total.” Oops. So that’s the sum total….Actually, at this point, I think I’m detracting from the conversation.

  2. It’s nice to see a commercial that finally gets it right. She calls her husband “sir” and is appropriately deferent. Ah, for those days when a woman knew her place on the totem pole.

    Of course, I still prefer Maxwell House.

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