In Soviet Russia, hipsters work the fields

I deleted the previous post because I missed the ironic message behind this shirt. But I’m still not sure how to interpret it…

Mass starvation is neat

Obviously a play on the Red campaign. But it’s either being oddly harsh on that or way too flippant with Communism. What’s the deal?

[Via Mighty Goods.]

[Update: The most charitable interpretation I can come up with is that the shirt is saying that by tying our purchases to ethical causes, consumer capitalism has sort of come around to Communism. This is lame though. Capitalism isn’t anti-charity any more than Communism is pro-exchange. So what’s the point?

Radley has confronted the obliviousness behind “Soviety chic” in the past. See here and here for two good posts on how it trivializes atrocities that ought to be better remembered.]

[Update 1/1/07: Related: Target pulls Che CD cases off shelves.]


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  1. Jacob, I think you are reading way too much into it. Someone saw the word “Red” and this popped into his/her mind. I’m sure that’s pretty much end of story. I don’t think they had a point.

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