Events for cool people

Nanny statists win more city council votes, but libertarians have more fun. If you’re in the DC area, here are two events to check out as the city enjoys its last month free of the smoking ban.

First, on December 13, AFF hosts a roundtable on neoprohibition:

D.C. bans smoking, Chicago outlaws foie gras, and New York is thinking of forbidding transfats [JG: actually, it just did]. Is this the return of prohibition? What ever happened to consumer freedom? This is what we’ll be discussing at AFF’s next roundtable on Wednesday, December 13.

Joining us to discuss these issues are Justin Wilson of the Center for Consumer Freedom and Joe Lindsley of The Weekly Standard. Stay tuned for more panelists.

Then on Tuesday, December 19th, McFadden’s is hosting One Last Smoke from 5-9 pm. From what I’ve been told, $65 gets you cigars, hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and the chance to party with a bunch of other disgruntled civil libertarians. Your clothes will smell awful the next day, but that, my friends, is the sweet smell of freedom.

Smoking is healthier than fascismAs long as you’re ruining your clothes anyway, you might as well protest in style with a “Smoking is healthier than fascism” tee from Bureaucrash. If it’s good enough for Miss June 2006, it’s good enough for you. Get it for just $17.76 here.


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