Ben’s blog contest

My friend Ben is holding an informal blog contest, prize yet to be determined:

The contest: Funniest blog post by someone you know. I’m not looking for the work of professional humorists. It has to be written by someone you know personally. What posts written by friends have left you on the floor helpless with laughter?

As much as I enjoy reading blogs, it’s prompts like this that make me realize how forgettable most posts are. Only two from friends spring to mind. Zhubin’s tale of redeeming himself with a homeless guy selling Street Sense is one. (His post about his family not being on time for weddings is great, too, but Ben already nominated it.) The other is Chad’s story about the time he and I ran into stupid university regulations trying to bring beer to a Vanderbilt event. Permalinks are broken on his page right now, so scroll down to “Rites and Rules.” [Link fixed 11/7/06.]

Since Ben opened the floor to self-nominations, I’ll throw in one of my own posts. The Mystery of the Five Inch Bull Balls was a bizarre departure from this blog’s usual content that remains one of my favorites to this day. The comments on it are very odd, too. And thanks to this one entry, variations on the phrase “large testicles” remain some of the top search results bringing visitors to my site.

Did I really have to go back to 2004 to find a funny post? This blog has gone badly downhill. Taco Boy, The Hemingway Star, weird fish, and speculative science haven’t reared their heads in a long time. I need to work on making the site eclectic again.


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  1. Fyi, a search for “large testicles” on Google show this blog as the fourth website on the list. Congrats, Jacob!

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