Smither update

Remember Bob Smither, the Libertarian running without balloted Republican opposition for Tom DeLay’s seat in TX? He’s polling fairly well coming up on election day, though still trailing considerably. From an average of reported polls:

* Nick Lampson (D)—————-39%
* Bob Smither (L)——————-20%
* Key Write-in Candidate (R)—12%
* Undecided/Other——————29%

Being down 19% isn’t encouraging, but 29% undecided leaves a lot of room for improvement. Write-in voters who can’t remember the Republican’s name may also vote Smither once they’re in the booth.

There’s more info on the Smither campaign site. I like this bit:

In what will sound very ironic to a Libertarian audience, we’ve got to convince enough Republican voters that a write-in vote is nothing but a wasted vote.

[Thanks, Phil!]


3 thoughts on “Smither update”

  1. In Tom DeLay’s district (where I used to live) there’s certainly a lot of appeal for a Libertarian candidate – particularly with regard to taxation. However, last time I mentioned his name to anyone out there, they didn’t know who he was. It’ll be an interesting one to watch.

  2. Smither will undoubtedly poll better than any Libertarian in the history of the party (unless you count Ron Paul). Good to see you guys finally getting some momemtum – I hope to see the LP use this race to raise money and to attract candidates who aren’t out on the Libertopian fringe.

  3. Come to think of it, I have no idea why the Repubs don’t kill their quixotic write-in campaign and get behind Smither. Combined GOP/Lib support right now gets the race to 39-32 – well within striking distance.

    We did something similar with Vermont Socialist Bernie Sanders – he never faced serious Democratic opposition in his house races and doesn’t now in his Senate race. It seemed to work – Sanders voted with us most of the time. Smither won’t be that reliable, but he will probably side with Republicans a lot more than Lampson, anyway.

    Of course, Democrats should have dropped Chris Bell and supported Kinky long ago, for the same reasons. Texas politicians apparently have no common sense.

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