What to do in Seattle?

Taking a break between jobs, I’ll be traveling to Seattle this week for a coffee tour (Wednesday – Monday). I’ve been once before, but then I knew nothing about the coffee world and spent most of my time working at a public policy seminar. Now I know the obvious places to go — Vivace, Victrola, and the newly Cloverfied Zoka — but where else should I visit? And what about non-coffee stuff?

Sidetrips to Portland and possibly Vancouver are also likely. Stumptown, the Horse Brass Pub, and Caffe Artigiano would be on my list to of places to see, but what else should be there?

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7 thoughts on “What to do in Seattle?”

  1. so many of my friends and family are over in seattle and i’ve been meaning to go visit there for a while but i don’t think its in the cards (i’m still in spokane- my LA trip is postponed for the moment)… i always enjoyed pike street but everyone will tell you that… my interests run toward creative environments and i know of some great theatre houses and dinner theatres in that area but i don’t know how interested you’d be in that sort of stuff or what shows they’re currently running… have fun though!

  2. Check out the August 15 (or was it 25?) post on Smither, the up and coming Libertarian candidate.

    He needs HELP but can WIN.

  3. how was the big exciting weekend? what did you end up doing? i’m flying in on the 18th so i’m sure i’ll see you in person at some point soonish anyway…

  4. granted, you should only be drinking beer in Portland, but if you get a hankering for something stronger, I love Bartini.

    Very creative not-really-martinis, which are half-price between 4:30 and 6.

  5. Pike Place Market is an interesting tourist attraction and has the very first Starbucks (not sure if their coffee is to your liking, but it may be of historical interest).

    Capitol Hill and the University District are interesting neighborhoods for wandering around and people-watching.

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