With the plug-in not working, we’ll have to do this manually. Here’s what I’ve been bookmarking this week…

Perhaps my limoncello didn’t appeal to you. How about weeniecello? Personally, I’d rather consume the vodka infused hot dogs than the hot dog infused vodka.

Speaking of alcohol, government continues to make it harder to drink. In Chicago, bottle service — groups of customers buying a bottle of liquor for the table instead of ordering one drink at a time — is now considered illegal. And the TSA’s liquid ban is bad news for wine tourism.

Some good news for people like me: a new study finds that while moderate and light coffee consumption could increase one’s risk for heart attack, heavy coffee drinkers seem to face no additional risk. So drink more coffee! Heck, put an espresso machine in your car if you have to!

While on the subject of coffee, what’s up with this Craigslist ad seeking a “male barista?” Is it a dumb joke about how a barista can be a man despite sounding like a feminine noun (it isn’t), or are they really seeking only men for the job?

For the economists in the audience, Tyler Cowen talks about comparative advantage. And do tall people earn more because they’re smarter?

Movie buffs, enjoy this compilation of instances of the Wilhelm Scream. And for music, here’s a collection of Beatles covers.

Lighting a park with heliostats looks like a cool idea.

These six horrifying parasites are interesting, but the faint of heart probably won’t want to click.

Finally, something erotic and safe for work… stone porn!

[Update 8/27/06: Hooray! The plug-in is working again. Apparently changed its API and I needed an updated version to make things compatible. If any WordPress users want to add the plug-in to their site, find the newest version here.]


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