Barry’s in the WaPo

Here’s some good news: this week the Washington Post featured a story about the plight of Barry’s Magic Shop, making this the best publicity the case has received so far. Notably, the article includes the fact that the building housing the store was seized using eminent domain, an important consideration other stories have ignored. It’s also good to hear that Councilman Steve Silverman has the right perspective on the matter and may be doing something about it:

Silverman called Barry’s shop an “icon in the community” and said the council committee that approved the walkway project did not realize it would be displacing the magic shop. The council will look at the situation, he said, and try to help the parties come to a resolution.

“We’re in the middle right now of trying to pass a zoning change to allow revitalization of downtown Wheaton while preserving small businesses,” Silverman said. “And here the other arm of the government is looking at evicting Barry’s from its longtime home.”

Read the whole thing here.

Coming soon… posts that aren’t about Barry’s.


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