Vacation, and lobster blogging

I probably should have mentioned that I am on vacation for a while. Last week I was at Bryn Mawr for a stimulating IHS seminar, this time as a participant rather than as an assistant. I’m currently in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, sans my laptop and cell phone access and with only a dial-up connection at home. Next week I’ll be back in Arlington, catching up on a ton of barista shifts and moving to a new apartment over the course of just a few days. Blogging will be light till that’s over with, but after that I’ll be back with a lot of stuff to write about.

A fun part of being up here has been playing golf for the first time in two years and tennis for the first time in about nine months. To my amazement, I’m doing better at both than I was when I played semi-regularly. Somehow a two year absence has erased the wicked slice that for a long time took all the pleasure of golf from me. In tennis, my forehand and backhand are more controlled and powerful than they’ve been in a long time. And that’s even when playing immediately after a beer and a white Russian. Perhaps my new sports philosophy should be never practice and drink heavily. Alas, I doubt further testing will bear that out.

Finally, here’s a quicky for all of you eagerly awaiting the launch of Smelling the Lobster: if the blue lobster seemed rare, this two-toned beastie caught by a Maine lobsterman is even more amazing. Neat to look at, too.

[Via Slashfood.]


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  1. You’re really taking this lobster blogging to the extreme aren’t you buddy 🙂

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