Skoal with style

I know not the source of this how-to guide featuring Swedish film star Max von Sydow and a glass of aquavit, but I recommend it.

Update 12/7/12: A friend on Facebook has informed me that this image comes from the a Swedish version of The Joy of Cooking published in the 1960s. The same image also inspired this fantastic page of “Skoal!” images from Dave Arnold and friends.


2 thoughts on “Skoal with style”

  1. Sometimes I resent my Midwest upbringing. Because when I think Skoal, I think the tobacco, and I think of the guys who could turn the word “dip” into a three-syllable word.

  2. That is how it’s done all over Scandinavia. There are all these little sayings in Danish leading up to the skål and you are generally mocked if you don’t down the whole glass – it’s called biting it in two and is only allowed if you are really old.

    Also if you drink before someone says skål – you have to buy everybody the next round. Saying skål is quite regimented – or used to be, not too many young people drinks snaps (another Scandinavian word for aquavit) like that anymore.

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