A landmark of sorts

Back in October 2004 I wrote a post about the GMail drive, a program that allows you to use your GMail account as a drive for storing files. At the time, I expected the post to draw little attention and fade away forgotten. Yet for some reason, comments kept appearing on it long after it dropped into the archives, most of them apparently from India. What the heck was going on?

The title of the post is “Cool new GMail application.” “Application” as in computer program. But many foreign readers, desperate to get a GMail account, read it to mean an application form, a process you have to go through to get a GMail address. It turns out my post is the number one result on Google for the search phrase “GMail application.” Thus over the past two years the post has received a steady trickle of sometimes amusing comments like, “Iwish to join GMail freternity. Guide me how to go about it.” My favorites are the ones that offer reasons for why the commenter deserves an account more than others, like this one from Nanda:

I need an invitation to open a Gmail account.Please send me an invitation.I am a physiotherapist and this acxcount would be of more help to me in this context.

Or poor Nikhil:

my friends are making fun of me that i dont have Gmail so please send an invitation for me

I sent invitations to some of the commenters and wondered how long it would go on. Yesterday the post received its 200th comment. Number 200 certainly deserves an invitation, so congratulations to Navdeep Bansal for entering the Gmail fraternity! (Navdeep posted comment #199 too, but I won’t hold that against him.)

Everyone else, check out the post for one of the most surreal and unexpected comment threads ever to develop on Eternal Recurrence.


7 thoughts on “A landmark of sorts”

  1. Its really funny.. I myself have send a lot of invitations to the people who ever has put a valid email address… along with their name… the rest… well i dont know how they are asking for an email application form without giving any address for communication…

  2. Thanks, Zhubin.

    Mike, I sent out a couple dozen invites, but most of the time I didn’t get around to it.

    Jason, way off topic. But good try.

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