While it’s not quite as awesome as would have been, tonight I can announce a new food weblog that I am writing for…!

Eatfoo is the brainchild (and possibly lovechild, who knows what he does with those servers) of my friend David Barzelay. Wanting to write constantly about food but worried that he’d lose the interest of his blog readers, he had the idea to start a new site where he could publish his thoughts and experiences. Then he invited a few foodie friends to join in, me being one of them. We went public today; my first post is up, talking about the grasshopper tacos sometimes offered at one DC area restaurant.

I’ll be writing more about food and all things food related at EatFoo. I’ll occasionally cross-post, especially when the subject is food politics, but for the most part I’ll probably just link to new content in the sidebar. But if you’re into food writing, just go ahead and subscribe to the RSS feed. I think we’ve got a fun group writing over there that will put up some enjoyable posts.


  1. Barzelay says:

    You’re welcome to start a competing site at

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