New site design and book giveaway

After more than three years of running Thesis, I’ve given the site a long overdue design update and switched to the Genesis framework. Aside from finally enabling threaded comments, most of the changes are just aesthetic for now. Stay tuned, however, for the likely addition of new sections and more frequent updates. (And if you’re reading this via RSS, click over to check out the new site.)

To kick off the new design, I’m giving away a few books. Publisher Scout Books from Portland, Oregon, recently invited me to contribute to a new series of pocket recipe guides called The Cocktail Hour, launching with a trio devoted to rum, gin, and vodka. The books include recipes from me and many other West Coast bartenders and bloggers, including Camper English, Sue Erickson, Jordan Felix, Lauren Fitzgerald, Brian Gilbert, Ricky Gomez, Tommy Klus, Tom Lindstedt, Junior Ryan, Mike Shea, Daniel Shoemaker, and David and Lesley Solmonson, among others.

The books retail for $12 a set and would make a great stocking stuffer. For this contest, I’ll randomly pick winners for the following prizes:

First prize (one winner) — A complete set of The Cocktail Hour: Rum, Gin, and Vodka, plus a copy of my out of print recipe guide from 2010, The Cocktail Collective.

Second prize (two winners) — A complete set of The Cocktail Hour: Rum, Gin, and Vodka.

To enter, simply leave a comment on this blog post, one comment per person. I’ll randomly select winners from the list of comments around noon on Wednesday, November 28, 2012.

Update 11/12/2008: The contest is now closed. Winners announced here. Thanks to everyone who entered!


36 thoughts on “New site design and book giveaway”

  1. New site design looks great, and as a long-time reader, always a pleasure to read your posts. Keep up the great work! Currently drinking: Wisconsin-style Brandy Old-Fashioned Sweet.

  2. Change is good, except when it’s bad… this looks good. Now I’m going to go mix myself a drink and see if it helps me forget I start using a bigger number in the “age” space as of today.

  3. I love the comment about cpt. Morgan in the aticle on Gosling’s TM! I’d love to grasp some fresh ideas from the books, though I doubt you would ship to PL

  4. This is also a comment, drinking a Martinez with Few Barrel Aged Gin, Carpano Antica, and Marachino Luxardo.

  5. Had a great time in Portland. I”m thinking that I might have to do that again so that I get more of a chance to take in what the city has to offer.

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