Murky and me in NoVa Magazine

I’m quoted a couple of times in an article by Christine O’Connor about good coffee and free wi-fi in the May issue of Northern Virginia Magazine. The first time is about why people hang out in coffee shops:

“The coffee house fulfills our need to not be alone,” says former Murky Coffee barista and aspiring coffee shop owner Jacob Grier of Arlington. “Even if we never say a word to anyone, we feel connected to our community.”

The second is about why guys like me continue to work as baristas:

“To be a barista in a quality local shop is to create countless moments of evanescent beauty,” says Grier. “The ideally extracted espresso, the well-poured latte, the repetitive rhythm in making a rush of drinks. All that makes the job wonderfully satisfying.”

So I went a little over the top (OK, a lot over the top), but what can I say? I really like my job. No matter how many times I do it, I never get tired of watching those first drops of espresso coalesce at the bottom of a cup or making a nice rosetta magically flow to the surface of a drink. And the word “evanescent” doesn’t see print nearly enough.

Other Murky regulars pop into the text and photos; note Ryan’s Michael Jordanesque tongue appearance as he concentrates on his latte art.

The article is not available online. Locally the magazine can be found in Barnes & Noble and Borders and has a cover story on forty NoVa places to go for a “frugal feast.”

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8 thoughts on “Murky and me in NoVa Magazine”

  1. Making coffee is not something a man of your capabilities and resources should be doing.

    A waste of human potential imo. And I say this because I admire you Jacob and think you are meant for better things.

  2. Appreciated, Joel. I’ve actually been doing quite a bit of writing for a political website that will be launching soon, but it will not be public until September and even then most of the articles will be published without attribution. So I actually have been doing more than coffee lately, just nothing I can link to from here right now.

    That’s actually been the story of the past year. On 4 or 5 different occassions since the fall of 05 Ive been on the brink of doing lots of writing for new websites only to have them put on hold for lack of funding or personnel problems at the last minute. It’s been frustrating.

  3. I cannot tell you how happy I am to live next door to open city! I look forward many more delicious coffee drinks this summer….
    (I went last night, and I was disappointed that you weren’t there 🙁 My chai latte was very good, but, alas, it had no design on top.)

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