And his parrot sings “Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles!”

Chad Horne sent me this story today about a German man who has trained his dog, Adolf, to give the “Hitler salute” (right paw raised stiffly in the air). The article reads like something from The Slant, as it is revealed that the owner, Roland Thein, sports a Hitler mustache and a military tunic and has a dog house with the name “Adolf” emblazoned above the entrance. Thein is actually being prosecuted under Germany’s anti-Nazi laws, though for other infractions (even in Germany it was deemed unclear whether it was illegal to train an animal to perform Nazi tricks).

What I find ironic is that Adolf is reportedly a mongrel. Wouldn’t a guy so intent upon raising a Nazi dog at least start with a purebred?

[Update 2/21/05: As of today, comments on this entry are closed and many have been deleted. Too many racist morons have found this entry and left anti-Semitic or anti-black comments. I’m reluctant to censor and let it go for a while, but they became particularly hateful lately. I also don’t want the 100 or so visitors per month who find my site through this entry walking away with the impression that that’s the kind of conversation I’m trying to encourage here. If anyone has a problem with that I’m sending nordictypeguy’s Nazi-busting kitten after you.]


15 thoughts on “And his parrot sings “Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles!””

  1. Well, I guess he’s actually being true to history. Hitler wasn’t a “pure breed” either. heh.

  2. I have a kitten that beats the shit out of a rag doll with a hitler haircut & mustache & nazi sign on itthe kitten is ready to take on all comers-BRING IT ON !!!!!!

  3. Well that is so stupid…along with a few other laws including these:

    -today in germany you cannot link or own a song that has the words loyalty, hero, honour, or anything glorifying a soldier or anything that would make a soldier look like a hero.

    -today in germany videogames must have green blood.

    -today in germany you cannot sing deutschland deutschland uber alles

    -today in germany you cannot give the Nazi salute, even if it’s a joke

    -today in germany you cannot say or write anything xenophobic.

    All of these things are punishable by law and can even get you thrown in prison. I don’t think such rules are the right thing to do if you want to combat any uprisings… they’re doing kinda the opposite.

    Also, over 60 yrs ago you had a guy running the country that essentially forced people to do these things… now there’s really no need for all these restrictions since you have a democratic leader anyway. Well…. pseudo-democratic.

    lol, I hate liberals.
    Es Lebe Deutschland

  4. What is it with you lot? Are you out of your minds? What Hitler did to the Jews (not to mention a lot of other people) was an affront to humanity. It should NEVER be supported!

  5. Doesn’t anyone know that “Deutschland uber alles”
    was written prior to German unification and was a call to support unification? Eradication of the first verse in modern Germany was an exercise in shame and stupidity, and is indicative of the national nervous breakdown that has been ongoing in Germany since about 1960. Pity them. Their former excellent gene pool has been permanently degraded by two wars that killed a critical mass of their best young men.

  6. What’s with all these foul comments about Jews that are appearing here? Haven’t any of you crudball dimwits seen the book entitled “The Jewish List”? Find it and read it. Then perhaps you’ll discover that you should be non-Jewish racists, as I am. This has to do with an awareness that Jews are superior, on a genetic basis. Get used to it!

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