Smoking ban prompts use of smoke machines

I love irony:

SCOTLAND’S top clubs are pumping perfume onto the dancefloor after complaints from revellers about BO.

One month after the smoking ban, nightclub bosses are using scented smoke to deodorise sweaty smells formerly masked by cigarettes.

Nightspots in Glasgow, including the Garage and the Cathouse are wafting strawberry and cream air fresheners through their smoke machines.

Venue owner Donald MacLeod said his staff had started to use scented smoke to hide the pong.

He said: “We believe it gives a much better atmosphere.”

Clubber Calum Anderson, 27, of Mount Florida, Glasgow, said: “The body odour can be pretty bad.

“It’s great someone is doing something about the problem.”


  1. Ben says:

    I’m not sure that’s irony. I f—ing hate the smell of cigarette smoke. Strawberry and cream sounds kind of nice.

    I’ll chalk this up as a benefit of smoking bans. ;) :P

  2. Very interesting. I’d certainly never thought of the odor-masking qualities of cigarette smoke.

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