Free comics, unfree superheroes

Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day, a day when comic retailers all over the country give away free comic books. If you’re in the DC area, stop in for a freebie at my friend Matt Klokel’s Fantom Comics in Tenleytown. He’ll have food and raffles, too.

It’s a big week for comic releases, as DC wraps up its Infinite Crisis storyline and Marvel launches Civil War. The latter could be interesting for non-comic book readers as it ties into current political questions. In short, a tragic event involving superheroes and innocent civilians leads to government passing a Super-Human Registration Act. Some heroes support becoming registered with and subservient to the U.S. government, while others see it as dangerous infringement on their civil liberties. It is speculated that Marvel versions of Guantamo Bay, enemy combatants, and embedded reporters will emerge. I’m not a Marvel fan, but this sounds like it might just be interesting enough to pick up.

Firefox extension and comic book blogging in the same day. When did I become such a nerd?