Par for the course in S.F.

To ban smoking the fair way, must one ban it on the fairway? Some San Franciscans seem to think so.

The Board of Supervisors Neighborhood Services Committee passed a ban on smoking on The City’s five public courses on Monday. Supervisor Jake McGoldrick pushed for the ban after the same committee approved a ban on smoking at transit stops last week. McGoldrick said it would be wrong to approve a measure that he said largely affects The City’s working class, while not approving one that would that affects The City’s wealthier residents as well. The full Board of Supervisors takes up the ban on smoking at transit stops and golf courses today.

Secondhand smoke could hardly be a concern on a golf course, so there’s not even the pretense of a health motivation for the ban. Just a really weird sense of social justice that says if you’re going to make life miserable for poor people, you’d better find a way to do it to rich people too.

[Chi Chi Rodriguez-esque putter brandishment to Baylen for the link.]


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