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Today marks the ninth anniversary of this blog’s existence. This is also the year that I’ve pretty much given up on frequent updates as a means of driving traffic, finding that it’s more effective to focus on writing substantive content and disseminating links via Twitter and other social media (follow me at @jacobgrier!). But for old times’ sake, here’s a round-up of recent links that have caught my attention.

Last week’s discussion of Google’s self-driving cars has been fascinating; Tim Lee has a good post on the topic. If this technology lives up to its promise it will revolutionize cities and make investment in light rail and streetcars in low-density cities like Portland appear even more absurd. Why spend money on transit that is expensive, runs on a set track, and offers infrequent service if efficient self-driving cars are the way of the future?

The Oregonian comes down hard against raw milk. In 2008 I visited a raw milk dairy for Reason magazine, drank the milk, and lived to tell the tale.

Having already banned most kinds of flavored cigarettes, the federal government’s next step may be a ban on flavored cigars. FDA regulation of premium cigars is potentially devastating for the industry.

Californians have less than two months left to enjoy foie gras before it becomes illegal to serve in restaurants.

Someone should do this for six-packs of beer.

FUDS: A Journey in Taste from Mouth to Toilet, Traveling the Ultimate Expanse of the Greeko-Japo Pan-American Dining Experiences.


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