Geezers hate the Butt Hutt

Via TMN, this story:

SPOKANE, Wash. — The state’s tough new anti-smoking law has an unlikely opponent: a retired doctor who argues the ban is forcing elderly smokers in nursing homes to take unnecessary risks.

Dr. Robert Guild, 71, says the law is forcing him and other smokers at the Maplewood Gardens Retirement Apartments — some in wheelchairs and walkers — to brave an ice- and snow-covered lawn to get to a structure that is far enough away from the retirement facility to meet the ban’s requirements.

The smokers have dubbed the structure “Butt Hutt,” and argue that it is a poor replacement to the well-ventilated smoking lounge management provided before the ban on indoor smoking went into effect in December.

“There’s overhead heating, but it’s very inconvenient, and there are no facilities,” Guild said, noting that restrooms are important for folks his age.

The state’s new smoking ban, which went into effect Dec. 8, is the strictest in the country. In addition to banning smoking indoors, it requires a 25-foot smoke-free buffer around doorways, windows that open and ventilation intakes.

Good job, nanny staters. Good job.


7 thoughts on “Geezers hate the Butt Hutt”

  1. oh man my home town is not representing well… i usually like it when spokane is mentioned in something but, though i don’t feel as strongly as some and therefore have not prepared a well written statement on the subject, i do think its getting a tad ridiculous and is stripping the rights (and apparently safety) of free people… i believe in conducting yourself in a way that doesn’t inflict on the rights of others- but not smoking anywhere? maybe its silly to bring up denis leary but: “what’s the rule now? we can only smoke in our houses in our beds under the covers?”

  2. Oh, I see you’re one of those “for the children types.” Well what about the infant smokers? Are you going to make them crawl through the snow, risking frostbite in their vulnerable little extremeties, just to take a drag with grandpa? Are you?

  3. Do the VA Hospitals still have smoking rooms? I think they did well into the 80s. I know because I used to deliver pizza (another health hazard) to them.

  4. Dude…where ya been? I’ve been hoping for at least a link to my terrorist underwear blog. Also, e-mail me your address.

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