Links for 2/1 12

The Caging of America:

The scale and the brutality of our prisons are the moral scandal of American life. Every day, at least fifty thousand men—a full house at Yankee Stadium—wake in solitary confinement, often in “supermax” prisons or prison wings, in which men are locked in small cells, where they see no one, cannot freely read and write, and are allowed out just once a day for an hour’s solo “exercise.” (Lock yourself in your bathroom and then imagine you have to stay there for the next ten years, and you will have some sense of the experience.) Prison rape is so endemic—more than seventy thousand prisoners are raped each year—that it is routinely held out as a threat, part of the punishment to be expected. The subject is standard fodder for comedy, and an uncoöperative suspect being threatened with rape in prison is now represented, every night on television, as an ordinary and rather lovable bit of policing. The normalization of prison rape—like eighteenth-century japery about watching men struggle as they die on the gallows—will surely strike our descendants as chillingly sadistic, incomprehensible on the part of people who thought themselves civilized.

The Economist explains what’s at stake in a fight over proposed tequila labeling regulations.

Lucinda Williams, The Shins, and Bone Luge all in one NPR podcast. Anna Brones is not on board with the Bone Luge. New York Times editor Sam Sifton isn’t either, but he would still “totally do it.”

Metrovino’s new chef Victor Deras takes the reins today. Eater asks him what he has planned for the restaurant.

Cheers magazine takes a look at the beer cocktails trend.