I love this town

You know you’re in DC when you can have your laptop out at a bar with Bloglines open and nobody things you’re weird. You know you’re really in DC when the guy you’ve just met sitting next to you sees the laptop and asks you to check how his blog is doing on Technorati today.

They guy happened to be Joel Miller, author of the interesting looking book Size Matters: How Government Puts the Squeeze on America’s Families, Finances, and Freedoms. With him was Jeremy Lott, my former colleague and roommate once removed. Together they’ve started the new weblog 4Pundits.com. They’re technically only two pundits, but they drink for four.

Actually, two more secret pundits are on the way. It should be a good read. Subscribe now, before Jeremy gets in a Ludditish mood and switches off the RSS.


5 thoughts on “I love this town”

  1. I was at Murky Coffee yesterday morning, and I saw Nick there. He vaguely recognized my face and thought I was there for some National Barista Competition training or something. So, Jacob… I’d like to request that you write a blog post on tipping, especially tip jars like the ones on the counters at coffee shops.

  2. Actually that sounds like a good post. I heard somewhere once that tip jars like that are so they can pay workers less and say it’s supposed to be made up in tips. You’d think, since I’m going to work at the Dept. of Labor, that I’d know these things.

  3. David, the regional barista competition will be in DC at the end of the month. I think it’s open to the public if you want to go.

    I’ll put a tip post up soon.

  4. Oh, Jacob, you should come visit out here. I hang out with people who work for Technorati and WordPress and of that good stuff… You’d fit in just fine in Silicon Valley.

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