Are you a coffee achiever?

This 1984 television ad for coffee is hilarious. It’s not for any particular brand of coffee, just for the coffee industry in general. I like how the marketing isn’t about taste, but about how drinking coffee can make you achieve like David Bowie, Kurt Vonnegut, and Kenny Anderson. The coffee world has come a long way since then.

My favorite moment is the slight wince on Cicely Tyson’s face as she takes a sip of the stuff during rehearsal. It’s so bad she has to slap her director in the face. Now that’s motivation!

[Via The Morning News.]


4 thoughts on “Are you a coffee achiever?”

  1. i am also not a coffee achiever, though i feel that i have achieved a lot for someone my age AND i truly enjoy the environment of a coffee house… so other than the fact that i don’t actually drink coffee, i’m not sure what that makes me…

  2. So were I to drink coffee, I would become androgynous, hilariously sarcastic, and… who the hell is Kenny Anderson?

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