Coffee catch-up

Lots of coffee stuff has happened in the past couple weeks. Let’s play catch-up.

Barista Song — Just before this site went down, I received the Barista Song CD from Arizona singer Marianne Murdock. The barista being an underappreciated profession in American song, I was glad to hear of this single devoted to us coffee slaves. It’s a fun, bluesy number with some clever lyrics. Baristi especially should check it out at, where it’s available as a $4 CD or ninety-nine cent MP3 download. Thanks, Marianne!

Caffeinated sex drive — A new study finds that coffee may boost sexual desire in females (as if I hadn’t figured that out already). Caveats: the study was only performed in rats and it may not apply to frequent caffeine users. Still, it’s one more reason to be a barista.

Hat tip to Nikki, who, alas, refuses to drink coffee.

War on caffeine — But one town where the baristas won’t be getting action is Shaker Heights, Ohio, at least if Mayor Judith Rawson has her way. She and the city council have signed a proclamation warning against the dangers of caffeine consumption and declared March to be Caffeine Awareness Month.

The erstwhile Agitator notes that the campaign is run by the Caffeine Awareness Alliance, a non-profit whose founder doubtless finds it quite profitable to get lots of free press mentions for her line of caffeine-free soy coffee alternatives (yuck!). Radley also links to this WebMD article listing the numerous good things coffee can do for you in addition to getting girl mice all hot and bothered.

Cappuccino economics — Tim Harford, author of the recently released book The Undercover Economist, goes undercover at Starbucks to explain why the elusive short cappuccino isn’t on the menu.

CoE and the Clover — The winning lot in the 2005 Brazilian Cup of Excellence auction sold for an incredible $49.75 per green pound. For comparison’s sake, the previous Brazilian record was $13.65. One of the buyers was Cafe Artigiano, who, not coincidentally, will also be one of the first buyers of the revolutionary Clover coffee brewer (see my previous post on it here). For a great post on how the Clover could bring the retailing of single origin coffees to a whole new level, see the latest entry at God Shot.


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  1. So would anyone actually buy the $4 CD? Because it seems to me that it’s just as easy to pay the $0.99 and then burn the CD yourself. I don’t get it.

  2. I think the CD was offered before the MP3. And some people (myself included) like professional CDs with packaging and sometimes liner notes more than bare downloads.

  3. I took Guarraci’s Intro to Psych class last semester. Although she didn’t go into too much detail, we got to see videos of the rats and studied their behavior patterns. Very interesting stuff! No wonder all your gf’s come from coffee shops!

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