Essential tool for the libertarian barista

File this under stuff I really like. Now that I’m back behind the espresso bar, I decided it was time to invest in my own tamper. (For the non-coffee people in the audience, a tamper is the thing a barista uses to compress loose espresso grounds into a puck before extracting a shot from them.) Deciding on a brand of tamper was easy. The hard part was coming up with an appropriate engraving. Then I hit on this libertarianesque design and I knew I was in business:

libertarian espresso tamper

Coffee geeks will recognize the tamper as a Reg Barber. Libertarian geeks will recognize the cuneiform as “amagi,” the earliest known written depiction of the word “freedom.”

It just arrived today. Can’t way to start using it.


2 thoughts on “Essential tool for the libertarian barista”

  1. That’s pretty, Jacob!

    When we open our coffee shop (or when I’m ready to make special guest appearances behind your bar), I think I’ll ask them to make me one that’s all copper — assuming it feels good, of course.

  2. That’s pretty nice – it’s too bad there’s no left counterpart. You’d be amazed how difficult it is to find ancient symbols that convey the gist of “Property is theft.”

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