MxMo Retro Redemption Roundup

mxmologo1The theme for this month’s Mixology Monday was Retro Redemption, with the challenge being to revive a drink from the lost decades of mixology, defending it from detractors or giving it new life with better techniques and ingredients. Our merry band of cocktail bloggers came through big time with lots of creative takes on some old standards.


Frederic at Cocktail Slut takes one for the team by trying out a packet of powdered Pink Squirrel mix from sometime in the late 1960s or early 1970s. That drink ended up getting poured down the drain, but a scratch version using homemade peach pit ratafia came out much better. Hats off to Frederic for his bravery.


Mackenzie at Spirit Imbibing writes that he wasn’t even alive during the 1980s. Hey Mackenzie, you’re not supposed to make the host feel old! He makes up for it by saying that my site was one of the ones that inspired him to get into cocktail blogging. Aw, shucks. His high-end take on the wine cooler, the Racer X, sounds downright delicious. (And having lived through the 80s, I can vouch that wine coolers were the beverage of choice for my mom for a while. I’m glad to say she’s traded them in for craft brewed beers today.)


Dominik, the Opinionated Alchemist, tries his hand at the Scarlett O’Hara with his own Buttons and Cuffs, a homemade and awesome-sounding version of the ubiquitous Southern Comfort.


Janice at House Made gives us the first of three Harvey Wallbanger variations, the Mr. Wallbanger, I Presume? This one keeps the Galliano but swaps out everything else, bringing in tequila, crema de mezcal, Aperol, grapefruit juice, vanilla syrup, and grapefruit bitters.


Zach at The Venture Mixologist takes on that TGI Friday’s staple, the Mudslide. His updated version, the Filthy Irish, tones down the sweetness with the use of Irish whiskey, Averna, and mole bitters. Though he says a coffee liqueur less sweet than Kahlua would improve the drink, the idea works nicely.


Elana at Stir and Strain uncovers a drink I’d never heard of, the Cola de Lagarto, or “Tail of the Lizard.” The original mixture of vodka, white wine, creme de menthe, lime juice, and sugar does indeed sound horrifying. Elana’s new version with Lillet, gin, and mint bitters sounds a lot better, and pretty refreshing.


You probably think Paul Clarke knows a thing or two about cocktails. But guess what? Dude has never even tried an Appletini. Nonetheless he demands that the drink lives up to its name by creating it with gin and vermouth infused on the spot with fresh green apple. Honestly this sounds really good. But still, if you see Paul out and about in Seattle, somebody please buy him a “real” Appletini so that he knows he’s been missing.


Chris at 1022 South sends in not one but two entries, the Hilltop Slammer and the Hilltop Iced Tea. Which reminds me, I really need to get up to Tacoma so I can try some of Chris’ drinks in person.


The Sea Breeze blows Rowen at Fogged In Lounge in a Scandinavian direction, with aquavit standing in for vodka. I have a not-so-secret love of aquavit cocktails, so this sounds delicious.


Jordan at Chemistry of the Cocktail revives the Long Island Iced Tea as the Isle of Seven Cities. It has better ingredients and more sensible proportions while still maintaining the spirit of the original. Fun fact: When I first started drinking cocktails, I turned down a Long Island because I “didn’t like tea.” Ah, how much I’ve learned since then!


Marc at A Drinker’s Peace provides our second Wallbanger variation, the Hairy Headbanger. Marc travels back in time to mix Strega, Jager, and orange juice. Proportions? Who cares. So metal!


This MxMo wouldn’t be complete without one drink served “against the wall.” Ed at Wordsmithing Pantagruel takes Plymouth sloe gin for a spin in the Sloe Comfortable Shag Up Against the Wall.


Ian at Tempered Spirits gives us another Alabama Slammer variation, the Frank Bama. Trading bourbon and peach bitters for Southern Comfort, orgeat for Amaretto, and real sloe gin for the fake stuff, this comes out looking like a tasty sour.


Dennis at Rock and Rye channels The Dude with an updated take on the White Russian. Like Dennis, I feel no shame indulging in a Caucasian now and then. His Black Drop, featuring coffee-infused bourbon, coffee liqueur, creme de cacao, and cream sounds tasty too though.


Felicia at Felicia’s Speakeasy gets nostalgic exploring a hand-written recipe from a copy of Mr. Boston inherited from her parents. With fresh juice, the Apricot Sour comes out tasting pretty nice.


Louis-Florian Tatsuhito at Le Trou d’Argent makes the Daisy Shell, a tequila take on the Brandy Crusta, with Ocho Blanco, lime, orange, maraschino, agave syrup, and salt.


In a guest post at this site, my friend Paul Willenberg provides a new take on the Kamikaze featuring aquavit instead of vodka. I sipped on this recipe making a few substitutions based on what I had at home: Gammal Krogstad for the Linie and Mandarin Napoleon for the Grand Marnier. The half ounce of orange bitters in this drink is a great touch.


Finally, in my post I give my own take on the Harvey Wallbanger, the Harvey Weissbanger, which omits the vodka and turns this drink into a beer cocktail.

Thanks to everyone who submitted drinks for this month’s Mixology Monday! It was a pleasure to host after so many times being involved as a participant.


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