Cato gets bloggy

The Cato Institute has launched a new cross between a monthly magazine and weblog called Cato Unbound. The site will feature a monthy feature essay followed by solicited responses and then reader discussion. Leading things off, editors Brink Lindsey and Will Wilksinson have lined up a thought provoking list of three constitutional amendments public choice theorist James Buchanan would like to see. Akhil Amar, Alex Kozinski, and William Niskanen are slated to reply. That’s a great line up to launch with. If it’s any indication of things to come, this will be one very interesting weblog.


  1. Cato Unbound

    The new Cato Unbound by Cato Institute seems like a blog (it even has trackbacks), but it’s something more. Each month, they publishes a lead essay by one of the world’s leading thinkers (the kick-off is entrusted to James M. Buchanan) and then, in a…

  2. On Public Choice, Briefly

    From economist James Buchanan: Why should the politics of democracy, either in idealized form or in practice, be different from the law, again as idealized or in substance? Why is discrimination in political action constitutionally permissible whereas …

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