Beating Starbucks

I’ve become so used to not clicking on any link with in the URL that I almost missed this feature article on the quickly growing specialty coffee industry. The piece includes quotes from Intelligentsia’s Doug Zell, Taylor Maid’s Mark Inman, and Murky’s Nick Cho.


  1. Thanks for the heads up re Taylor Maid… I hope he opens a store in Sausalito… will talk about it and you in my blog and 32,000 subscriber Say it Better newsletter…. love your blog!

  2. Why don’t you click the NYTimes links? Because of the registration?

  3. Jacob Grier says:

    In part because of the registration, mostly because of their switch to Times Select on the op-ed page. $50 a year for the likes of Maureen Dowd and Thomas Friedman? No thanks!

    Thanks for the link, Kare.

  4. CP says:

    Who gets up at 7:59 on a Sunday?

  5. Jacob Grier says:

    Baristas, that’s who.

  6. CP says:

    Good point.

  7. Mark Inman says:


    Thanks for your interest in Taylor Maid. To give you a “Head’s Up” on the retail project, we will be looking at Sebastopol in 07′ and either Windsor or Petaluma in 06′.

    I would love to do a shop in Sausalito if it were possible. I think that we could do very well there if a good space became available. If one does catch your eye, feel free to contact me at

    Thanks for hosting this great blog. I will stopping by regularly!

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