Things are OK with me these days…

… got a good job, got a good office.

“So what is it you do exactly?” That’s a question I’ve been frequently asked since alluding to mysterious new jobs a few months back. Delays and committees led to my work situation taking longer to sort out than expected, but now things are finally settled and I’m excited by the outcome.

I’m working one night a week at Pica Deli Gourmet and Wine, a wine bar, deli, and retail store in Arlington. I’ve actually been there for about two months serving wine and performing close-up magic for the regulars. It’s been a great gig for learning about and tasting a variety of wines and testing out new magic material. I’m there most Friday nights and some Thursdays; check the events calendar at right for details if you’d ever like to stop in for a glass of wine and a card trick.

The newer development is that I’m finally back behind the coffee bar. For the past week I’ve been intensely training with the staff of Open City, the newest venture from the owners of Adams-Morgan hotspots Tryst and The Diner. Open City will be a full service restaurant, bar, and coffee shop in Woodley Park. Rare for a restaurant, Open City takes its espresso seriously. They’ve invested in an attractive, free standing coffee bar centered around a Synesso. I spent yesterday afternoon knocking the rust off my old skills and familiarizing myself with Tryst’s excellent coffee menu. I still have much to work on, but it felt great to once again have my hands covered in espresso and wrapped around a tamper.

Open City opened its doors today to a reportedly ravenous crowd; I start my first shift rocking out drinks tomorrow at 6 am. The place is located one block from the Woodley Park Metro, on Calvert around the corner from Chipotle.

In addition to the above, I’ll continue freelancing with writing and magic. All public engagements will be listed on the events calendar.

In summary: Espresso, wine, magic, writing, and, most importantly, a regular income. Life is good.


7 thoughts on “Things are OK with me these days…”

  1. Glad to hear all is going well with you. Best case scenario I’ll be joining you in the DC area sometime next year.

  2. Let’s face it, Jacob, you’re a bad ass. A survivor. A rebel. You don’t need a steady paycheck to survive–you have your wits about you.

    And on that note, I’ll definitely be stopping by Open City to see you in your element. They won’t even seat me in Tryst anymore, because I don’t have an iBook.

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