My blog’s not dead…

… but my laptop is. Looking to replace it ASAP. Any suggestions?

[Update 11/12/05: Thanks for all your suggestions. None of you recommended Compaq, so if my Presario v2000 breaks down I have only myself to blame.

Note to Apple: give me two mouse buttons, then we’ll talk.]


9 thoughts on “My blog’s not dead…”

  1. Check out Gateway. I’ve been very happy with my quite thin gateway laptop, and they seem to be rather cheaper than comparable models of other brands.

  2. appears to have a nice selection of IBM thinkpads at a reasonable price. I use both a Dell and a Thinkpad and find the IBM to be far sturdier.

  3. Jacob, I would have to agree with IBM thinkpads being far superior (and yes I am biased, but I also have used IBM for 6 years now, and have NEVER had a problem, so I stand behind my bias.)

    Ummmm….I am also privy to some substantial discounts on a variety of models…We aren’t the best of friends, but since I do enjoy your blog, I might be willing to help you out.

  4. the brand spanking new mac ibook g4 that i bought now comes with a printer and an ipod mini (a deal they came up with soon after i bought mine, of course)… but that’s only if you’re willing to join the elite group of superior mac owners… they’re not too expensive either…

  5. Apple doesn’t provide a two-button mouse, but any USB two button mouse will work in recent Apple laptops, and right clicking will bring up contextual menus in the familiar way. Just mentioning.

  6. I have a v2000. And it’s crashed on me. And freezes quite often. But my friends haven’t had the same problems with theirs. So good luck!

  7. Aw, Jacob, don’t get a PC. You’re just asking for trouble if you get one. The PowerBook I bought a year and a half ago is both beautiful and reliable. I’ve been watching all my law school friends’ PCs crashing, one after another (including the ThinkPads), but my little Mac hasn’t given me a hint of trouble. Hmmm… looks like you already bought the computer, so oh well. 🙂

  8. Control-click on a Mac is the same as right clicking. Seems like a pain at first, but is now second-nature. So maybe when your Compaq starts getting viruses or otherwise failing, you can try the switch… Then you won’t need your parents’ puppy to pick up women, just carry around your pretty Mac…

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