Smash Corporate Greed!

Ooh, the AFL-CIO has an online video game arcade! Play “Smash Corporate Greed” to vent your anger against the man, or “Shatter the Glass Ceiling” with some Arkanoid-style action. A Teamster version of Frogger that replaces the frog with a CEO and makes the trucks the good guys is in development, I’m sure.

I know what you’re thinking… “If we libertarians had such fun and educational Flash games, perhaps we could finally win the political victories we so richly deserve.”

Oh, but we do! Purge your mind of the anti-capitalist ideas so subtly drawn into the union’s games with “The Tragedy of the Bunnies.” I know I’m partial, but I really do think we’ve got better animation, catchier music, and a sounder economic lesson to teach. And isn’t that what video games are all about?

[Thanks, Renee!]


2 thoughts on “Smash Corporate Greed!”

  1. “The Tragedy of the Bunnies” heh… that’s funny!

    An interesting note:
    The AFL-CIO Constitutions states as its first “Object and Principle”: To aid workers in securing improved wages, hours and working conditions with due regard for the autonomy, integrity and jurisdiction of affiliated unions.

    …yeah that’s about right, “Smash” the hand that feeds you! If we could get rid of all those pesky CEOs then EVERYONE would have autonomy…Right?

    I can entertain the notion that unions are “valuable” (maybe) but what ever happened to personal responsibility?

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