Links for 11/13/11

I have a ridiculous numbers of tabs open right now. Note to self: More links posts.

“Of course money equals free speech.” An interesting and sometimes surprising interview with Lawrence Lessig.

Just when you think you’ve scraped the bottom of the barrel of studies linking smoking bans to reduced heart attacks, Stanton Glantz is there to prove you wrong. In 2009 the rate of heart attacks in North Carolina fell by 10.5%. In 2010, the first year of the state’s smoking ban, the rate of heart attacks fell by only 5.5%. So how does Glantz publish a study showing that, according to his statistical model, admissions for heart attacks fell by an astonishing 21% in 2010 from what they would have been without a smoking ban?

It’s good to see John Tierney reveal the absurdity of trying to ban e-cigarettes in The New York Times.

Department of Unintended Consequences: DC City Council bans sales of single bottles of beer in some neighborhoods. Merchants respond by selling inexpensive two-packs instead.

The fascinating story of why Grade B maple syrup is better than the more expensive Grade A.


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  1. Re: selling two packs–Since the banning of Four Loko and other caffeine-alcohol combos, I’ve been waiting for merchants to take the approach we saw while living in New Zealand. There, liquor stores simply taped an airplane-sized bottle of Jagermeister to a bottle of Red Bull. Do-it-yourself Four Loko to go…

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