Mixology Monday LXIII: Retro Redemption!

mxmologo Contemporary cocktail enthusiasts take pride in resurrecting forgotten cocktails of the past — unless “the past” refers to the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s. We sometimes refer to these decades as the Dark Ages of Mixology, eras not yet recovered from the violence Prohibition and a World War inflicted on American cocktail culture. The classic Martini, a flavorful blend of gin and vermouth, had morphed into a glass of cold, diluted vodka. Other drinks were just too sweet, too fruity, too big, too silly.

But still, it wasn’t all bad. People ordered these drinks for a reason. Despite the now annual “burial” of a disfavored drink at Tales of the Cocktail, not all of them deserve to die. Perhaps, as they said of the Six Million Dollar Man, we can rebuild them. We have the technology. So the theme of this month’s Mixology Monday is Retro Redemption! Your task is to revive a drink from mixology’s lost decades. Perhaps you feel one of these drinks has a bad rap; tell us why it deserves another shot. Or maybe the original concoction just needs a little help from contemporary ingredients and techniques to make it in the big leagues. If so, tell us how to update it.

Post your cocktail recipe on Monday, November 21, along with a photo, the Mixology Monday logo, and a link back to this site and the Mixology Monday homepage. Then post a link to your post in the comments here or send me an email at feedback@jacobgrier.com. Don’t have a blog? Feel free to send me your photo and recipe and I’ll collect it in a second post.

I look forward to seeing what you all come up with.

Update 11/21/11: You may notice a glitch trying to comment but your comment should go through. Please refresh the page to check.


  1. Usthen says:

    Greetings, thanks for hosting Jacob.
    Here is my contribution for this mxmo !


    santé et bon vent !

  2. Frederic says:

    Jacob, here is our submission:
    Thank you for hosting!

  3. Awesome theme, couldn’t have come at a better time. Here’s my contribution:

  4. Rowen says:
  5. Zach says:

    Jacob…great call on the theme, looking forward to all the new spins from everyone – here’s mine, a renovated Mudslide-


  6. Elana says:

    Jacob- loved the theme this month! Here’s my drink- Tail of the Lizard:


  7. Janice says:

    Thanks for hosting this month Jacob! Here’s my drink, “Mr. Wallbanger, I presume?”


  8. Marc says:


    Great theme! Thanks for hosting. My submission, the “Hairy Headbanger Cocktail” is available here:


  9. Marc says:


    Great theme! Thanks for hosting. My submission, the “Hairy Headbanger Cocktail” is available here:


    URL if tag above does not work: http://www.adrinkerspeace.com/post.xql?id={E154E180-F5BE-4255-A06B-360E7E8F1073}


  10. Ed says:
  11. Thank you for hosting! I hate history, but dug into my psyche for a reason to remember at least one cocktail worth reviving:

  12. Dennis Schafer says:

    Love the theme. Excited to see the roundup. Here is my submission.


  13. Jordan says:

    I decided to tackle the Long Island Iced Tea and am actually pretty happy with the results.


  14. Paul says:

    The Appletini is dead! Long live the Appletini!

    (with a hat-tip to Dave Arnold–)

    Thanks for hosting!

  15. Hi Jacob,
    thanks of hosting the mixology monday… I have made my contribution [sorry I am late, but there is a glitch in my publishing program, so it took a bit more time.

    Please check on: http://www.opinionated-alchemist.com/the_opinionated_alchemist/the_opinionated_bar-log/Entries/2011/11/21_MxMo_LXIII__Scarlet_O’hara_arrived_in_the_21st_century.html

    Thanks again and best regards

    dominik mj

  16. Chris says:

    Thanks for hosting! Sorry this is coming in late….



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